Blackstaff Gamebooks

The Blackstaff Gamebooks are an exciting series of novels where YOU decide what happens next in the immersive fantasy world of Undorbis!

 What are the Blackstaff Gamebooks?

Two goblin sentries walk toward each other and meet right in front of your hiding place. They’re short, only three feet tall at best, with hairless green skin, pointed ears, and gaunt frames. They’re both equipped with padded leather and wicked short swords made of rough iron.

They talk for a few minutes in their guttural tongue, exchanging what you assume is gossip. A few minutes later they change places and walk off to patrol in opposite directions. Obviously, the goblins are guarding the ruins; which means they must contain something valuable. If you’re going to gain entry, you’ll need a plan...Imagine

The Blackstaff Gamebooks are a new and exciting series of fantasy adventure books that put you in control of the story.

Blackstaff Book One - Wizard Outcast - is now available for sale. Read below to see what it's all about!

You are Blackstaff, a wizard and member of the Order. At least... you were. But this morning you woke up in the dungeons deep beneath SpellSpire, stripped of your status and branded a criminal.

But what have you done and why do you not remember anything? There is an Oracle who can tell you, but only if you can escape from a magical prison and find your way out of a city filled with wizards searching for you. And that's not to mention the dangerous sea voyage, the goblin-infested wilds, or the passage through ancient dwarven ruins!

What will happen next? That's up to YOU to decide. With numerous spells, magical treasure at every turn, and hundreds of choices, each adventure will take new and exciting turns!

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Click here to play the beginning of Blackstaff Book One - Wizard Outcast for free.